Ringing in New Years with Kids

Ringing In New Years with Kids

New Years Eve is not the same as it once was. Now that we celebrate New Years with kids, we’ve changed things up to make things more kid-friendly. Including starting a little earlier than we once did.

Below are a few great ways to have a rockin’ New Years Eve with kids. From fun mocktails and food to fun and games, everyone will have a good time!

Start the Party Early!

There’s no need to wait till midnight in your timezone! Consider starting the party early and celebrate when the kids are still awake by choosing a different time zone. My brother in law hosts a GMT New Years Eve party every year where we count down to 4pm PST (0000 GMT).

The kids get the full experience of New Years Eve without having to force themselves to stay awake. Then the adults can celebrate how they’d like afterwards. Or go to bed with the kids at their normal time. I’m pretty sure I do the later every year even though I make an effort to stay up.

New Years with Kids Mocktail

Get Creative with Mocktails

Grab some bottles of bubbly… bubbly apple cider and grape juice that is and start mixing up some fun concoctions (or let the kids make their own). All you need is some sparkling juice or sparkling water and a variety of other juices. Then let the kids have fun mixing them up

Consider adding a few mix ins like maraschino cherries or fresh fruits. And for dessert create an ice cream sundae or ice cream float bar!

Mini Corn Dogs with Ketchup

Serve Up Kid-Friendly Foods

Miniature or small finger foods work best with the littles. Consider cooking up some mini corn dogs or sticking with a simple cheese, cracker and meat platter. And snacks are a must so consider a variety of bunnies, pretzels, fish, and grahams. And I’m sure the kids would go crazy for this Inside Out Garlic Cheese Bread.

Need something for the adults too? Grab a few bags of Pretzel Crisps, and whip up this delicious hot pizza dip. It’s a crowd pleaser!

If you’re looking for more traditional fare, consider making a batch of black eyed peas to bring good luck with you into the new year.

New Years Eve Countdown Boxes - Play Party Pin

Have Some Fun

It isn’t a new years eve party without fun and games! Check out these great ways to ring in the new years with kids in style! From homemade balloon drops to creative ways to count down each hour, these bloggers have you covered!

In Southern California? Check out these kid-friendly New Years Eve parties hosted around town!

How do you celebrate New Years with kids?


This post was originally featured on December 26, 2013.

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  1. Great ideas!! I love the idea of a GMT party — how clever for kids (or early risers)!

  2. Post-child, we really don’t do New Year’s Eve anymore because my husband works nights.
    Now we just curl up on the couch when he gets home and we watch the ball drop.
    I’m thinking I might grab some appetizers at Whole Foods and have it all ready when he gets home.

    Happy New Year!

  3. My favorite part of new years eve as a kid was getting to drink fizzy juice out of wine glasses, lol. Oh and the confetti popper things, too!

  4. My kids never last to midnight. Were we live it’s legal to set off fireworks. We usually set them off early and try to get the kids to fall asleep in-between the loud bangs. We usually stay up and watch a few movies then watch the ball fall. I always buy the kids a bottle of sparkling grape juice. I love it too. Cute ideas, thanks for sharing.

  5. We usually celebrate New Year’s at home. I’m a little bit afraid to be on the roads, because of potential drunk drivers, and we don’t have a sitter anyway. So we watch a movie together with some good snacks, and stay up as late as our eyes will stay open. 🙂

  6. My 7 year old just asked me about New Year’s – the first time she has realized that you do something for that! This will be great to do with her! Thanks for the ideas!

  7. Great ideas to get the younger ones involved!

  8. These are some great ideas to help everyone celebrate!

  9. As kids we always loved staying up to watch the ball drop. Now that I am older and have kids of my own that rise with the sun, I rarely stay up anymore. Great tips for a fun night!

  10. I love the idea of doing the Balloon Count Down. Sounds fun!!


  1. […] We normally head over to my brother in laws house for a kid-friendly NYE party where we celebrate ringing in the new year on GMT. We’re home by 6-7pm and the kids feel like they’ve gotten to celebrate the big count […]

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