Simple 5-Ingredient Skinny Margarita Recipe

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partida skinny margarita

The Super Bowl is this weekend and many love to celebrate with their favorite drinks. Obviously these includes an adult beverage (so if you’re under 21 you need to stop reading now) and usually that beverage is a nice cold beer. But this year I’m shaking things up with a Mexican theme and celebrating in style with this Skinny Margarita.

In an effort to bring lighter fare to the menu for our Super Bowl shindig and to cater to my Weight Watchers lifestyle, we’ve whipped up some delicious skinny margaritas that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Especially when paired with the street tacos I have planned.

With a simple ingredient list, easy directions, and a great taste, this is the perfect recipe to replace your cold one this Sunday.

partida skinny margarita tequila

From the gorgeous, sleek bottles, to the smooth taste, Partida Tequila is a delicious addition to any football party.

Now I’m no tequila connoisseur but living in San Diego I’ve had a shot or two south of the border and I have to say that Partida tequila is something that would be kept in my cupboards.

And now that I have this delicious, calorie friendly alternative to my favorite margarita, I may be seeing more of Partida in the near future. Responsibly, of course.

partida skinny margarita ingredients

The  Skinny Margarita recipe starts with 5 simple ingredients: tequila, Agave, lime, water, and salt.

partida skinny margarita lime on rim

If you like your margarita with salt, grab a slice of lime and rub it around the rim of your glass.

partida skinny margarita salt on rim

Then turn the cup over, rim down, into a plate of sea salt to coat the rim of the glass.

partida skinny margarita poured

Now it’s time to make your skinny margarita!

Partida Skinny Margarita

This margarita is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the festivities without going over on your Weight Watcher points. Only 3pp+ for one margarita!

  • 1 ½ oz Partida Blanco Tequila
  • 1 oz Fresh squeezed lime juice
  • ¾ oz Agave Nectar
  • lime slice (for garnish)
  • sea salt
  • ¾ oz Water
  1. Take lime slice for garnish and run it along the edge of the Margarita glass. Then flip the glass over and dip rim into salt leaving a light layer of salt around the rim of the glass.
  2. Add all ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake to combine. Strain over fresh ice into a Margarita glass or Old-Fashioned glass.
  3. Taste for balance and adjust if necessary.


partida skinny margarita aerial

How do you enjoy your tequila?

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  1. Sounds like a recipe for a fun party!

  2. I only wish I could have one of these right now (the only thing stopping me is our nursling and perhaps the fact that it’s below zero here) – thanks for a great post; our party guests at our Valentine’s Party will be thanking you as well!


  3. Yummy! I have some Agave Nectar. I’ll have to go try this after the kiddos go to bed.

  4. I just this brand of tequila. Recently, I got a chance to try it too and concocted something of a hot toddy. So good! LOVELY pictures!

  5. Thanks for this awesome recipe. I can’t wait to try it out.

  6. Years ago, before we had kids, a friend and I would have these things I called kerbangers. They were shots of tequila (and something else I think) that we slammed on the table to mix and then drank.
    I like strawberry margaritas.

  7. I love me a good margarita! This looks so good! Pinning to my drinks board on Pinterest, so I can make it soon 🙂

  8. I have never had a margarita before, I do not drink but if it were a virgin one I would try it!

  9. I have to admit, I have never had a margarita! I have, however, had my fair share of fun with Jose and just looking at these bottles and the liquid within, they look smooth. I think my next grocery list may have these ingredients so I can try my first margarita!

  10. That looks so yummy! I love margaritas- and this is a great lo-cal way for me to enjoy them too!

  11. Party at your house! Woot woot!

  12. I need to mix it up a bit and give this a try. Sounds delicious.


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