Top 5 Questions To Ask the Orthodontist on the First Visit

My baby is growing up. And that means starting to do big kid things like visit an orthodontist for the first time. This post sharing our questions to ask the orthodontist on the first visit is sponsored by WildSmiles Braces.

Top 5 Questions To Ask the Orthodontist on the First Visit

My oldest is quickly approaching age 7 and I do not know where these years have gone.  From watching him get his first tooth, to just recently losing his fourth, and everything in between there’s one thing that doesn’t change. That amazing, radiant, toothy smile. It’s something I get to see everyday and I am so blessed for it. And he’s losing teeth left and right now – two more are becoming more loose only shortly after he lost his fourth (and first front) tooth. 

We started taking him to the dentist at age 18 months. He had most of his baby teeth come in by then and they all seemed to have come in correctly so we weren’t too worried. Just like anything that has to do with our children, the perfect time to see the dentist ranges from 6 months after the first tooth appears to after 1 years old. And some people wait until later then that. Now that we’re pass that stage and focused on how his adult teeth are coming in, one thing is clear. His obsession with his thumb will mean heading to an orthodontist sooner rather than later. 

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And as I recently found out, age seven is an excellent time to have your child evaluated for the first time by an orthodontist. This is the age when the first permanent molars and the incisors should have come in properly. And at the rate my son is going with losing his teeth, he’ll probably be ahead of the game once he reaches his 7th birthday. But why go to an orthodontist? 

Orthodontists are braces specialists that do not treat regular dental patients. They receive 2-3 years of specialty training after completing dental school and have a more efficient system to produce excellent results. This makes the braces treatment cost lower, especially if you consider the shorter time in the office. Orthodontists often offer affordable payment plans. Plus the cost of braces varies little these days from community to community so one of the important factors is to find an orthodontist you feel comfortable with.

Early evaluation allows for proper diagnosis and treatment, if necessary, of possible risk factors. Orthodontists can determine if there are any problems that may develop in the future, giving the parent and doctor an opportunity to plan future treatment. The American Association of orthodontists recommends age seven for the first orthodontic consult. So we’re planning for our first visit early next year. And that means research. Making sure we’re going to the best orthodontist for our family and we know what to prepare for and ask at that first visit. 

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Here are a few things to ask on that first visit: 

Top 5 Questions To Ask the Orthodontist on the First Visit

  1. Does my child have any missing or strangely shaped teeth?
  2. Do the jaws and teeth match with each other?
  3. Will my child benefit from early treatment? Why?
  4. Will my child require complete orthodontics later? Why? When?
  5. Do you have university orthodontic training after your dental school graduation?

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Have you visited an orthodontist before? How old were you?

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