Our Daughter Was Bit By A Dog

Yesterday was one of the most terrifying days of my life. My daughter was bit by a dog. And not any dog, our family dog.

While we know it was not intentional and just a snap it was enough to do a lot of damage to her face.

Yesterday afternoon as I was getting my son after he woke up from his nap my daughter played blocks on the rug in our living room with my dog sleeping nearby.

As we started to walk out of the bedrooms and down the hallway to the living room we heard a bark and a scream from my daughter.

I nearly pushed my son out of the way to run to where my daughter sat. With blood on her face. I had no idea how bad it was or what exactly happened but would later find out that she touched his paws (something he’s always nervous about) and he snapped at her.

That’s all it took to cause this much damage…

Warning: the following photos are graphic!

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