Adventures in Potty Training {Day 2}

3 accidents & 3 successes
Dry after 1.5 hour nap
not much time for writing…

Adventures in Potty Training {Day 1 Recap & Sneek Peak at Day 2}

So we’ve completed Day 1. The end results: Successes = 6 Accidents =5
I was so proud of my big boy. He was very verbal about needing to go about 1/2 the time but I think he’s more aware of having to go poo than pee. He expressed his need to go poo about 1 hour before it actually happened and that lead me to believe that it’s going to be a lot easier to get him to express his need to go poo on the potty than it is pee. And this second day is proving this as well. One of those successes I mentioned was a poo!
At naptime I forgot to get him to try and go potty beforehand and we had a wet bed when he woke up (2 hours later) but he went pee in the potty after he woke up so he knows to hold it in a bit. And he didn’t complain at all about changing his underwear or asking for diapers. That’s what I’m so surprised about after that first day. No asking for diapers. He just knew we weren’t going back. Today I even packed up all the larger diapers into a bin and told him we were going to put them in the garage for Molly. He was totally ok with that. So awesome. 
The rest of the afternoon was accident, success, accident, success up until bed time. We made sure he voided twice before bed (one accident, one success) and than let him know that it was okay to get up and go potty in the middle of the night. But guess what?!? He slept through the night!!! Yup! 9pm to 6am. And I was the one who woke him up at 6am to see if he had to go pee. He did go a little in bed but not enough to get his sheets very wet at all. I only felt wetness on his underwear. 
And he went pee on the potty twice before 8am on Day 2! His first pair of underwear stayed dry until 9am this morning when he had his first accident. So far we’re 3 for 2 today and I have a feeling he’s going to do great when he wakes up from his nap 🙂

Adventures in Potty Training {Day 1}

Day one of potty training has commenced…  hopefully I’ll have enough time later tonight to recap how day one went. So far we’ve had one accident and one successful pee on the potty (resulting in E receiving a yummy M&M). Once he’s completed Day 1 he gets a cool dinosaur book. After Day 2 he’ll get another cool dinosaur book and on Day 3 he will get to choose what he wants to receive (probably something train or dinosaur related…). 
We will be staying home for these next three days and will be with Ethan (right next to him) unless he is sleeping so we wont have much time for anything else. I’ll try and update daily on our successes and failures! He seems to be on board so far and loves the M&M rewards and all of the fun attention. 
Oh, and for anyone who is interested, we’re following the 3-Day Potty Training Method. I’ve heard many, many success stories! 

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