Boon Animal Bag – Making Toy Organization Fun!

When I first started thinking of what I wanted in the kids bedroom, the one thing that kept coming to mind was toy storage. I mean, we have a playroom that can contain many of the toys we have, but we had nothing to contain all of the stuffed animals my son and daughter have collected.

The only thing I could think of getting was the stuffed animal hammock I had when I was growing up. And when looking at the layout of my kids room I just couldn’t do it. Not only would the hammoc either block a window, closet door, or doorway, it just wouldn’t be easy for the kids to access their animals without getting myself or their father to get what they wanted.

We prefer a more self sufficient child.

So when I was perusing Amazon for a solution I was pleasantly surprised to find an amazing product that not only stored my kids stuffed animals, it also served as a chair or cushion for the kids after it was stuffed.

Multipurpose storage? Yes please!

Animal Bag3

The Boon Animal Bag not only stores stuffed animals, it stores a LOT of stuffed animals.

Here’s a look at about 1/2 of the stuffed animals in our home:

Boon Animal Bag Shell

And here’s a look at 1/2 of those in the boon. See how there’s still room in there? Yeah, all of those stuffed animals fit in that little Animal Bag. SO awesome!

Boon Animal Bag

The Boon Animal Bag easily zips open and shut to allow your child easy access to any of their favorite stuffed creatures. And the cover is a breathable mesh! So the stuffed animals wont suffocate! No having to explain anything to little Billy or Suzy.

Boon Animal Bag Details

And as I said before, after the Animal Bag is stuffed, your child can use it to sit on and enjoy a book or two. Or you can use it to prop other larger stuffed animals.

We love to use our Animal Bag for story time before naps and bedtime. Our kids curl up on it and get all comfy before we dive into the book we’re reading. And they love leaping from their beds onto the bag. All that cushion makes mama a little less anxious (but still keeping a watchful eye!).

The Boon Animal Bag is a soft, easy-to-use storage solution for those toys that get scattered all across your house. And with the simple zippered pouch, the kids can get involved in clean up to help pick their own toys up and store them away.

Interested in purchasing a Boon Animal Bag for your home?

You can head on over to the Boon website or check out

And don’t forget to head on over to visit Boon on Facebook or follow them on Twitter! There’s always something new in the works and you wouldn’t want to miss out on hearing about an awesome product. I know we have quite a few Boon items in our home and we absolutely love them!

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Create a Masterpiece in No Time with My Wonderful Walls {#NoiseGirls Review}

When I first started planning my kids bedroom I had no idea what I wanted to do. I knew we needed to repaint because the striped walls from my son’s nursery just had to go. I wanted something bright, cheery, and gender neutral so that both my daughter and son would get enjoyment out of it.

Even before I had my son I always wanted some sort of wall art or mural in my children’s rooms. I would go to home shows or design/decor events and would oohh and aahh at the gorgeous murals done in fabulously decorated bedrooms. But, of course, we could never afford the hefty price tag that came along with the interior designer that designed the room and the artist that painted the murals.

So we searched for a great alternative.

I first became inspired to use decals in my kids room after seeing some adorable decals at my son’s gymnastics class. Simple monkeys hanging in a tree and clouds around the room. But when I got a closer look at the decals they used I was not impressed. The decals were bumpy, you could see where they met with each other, and the colors were simple and boring.

So when I saw My Wonderful Walls on my friend Jessica’s blog I knew I had to check them out to see what they offered. And boy was I happy that I did! Their selection of wall stickers cover everything from under water adventures to life on the farm.

I quickly was able to settle on the cute and animated Forest Friends wall stickers for my kids room. It was the perfect blend and definitely gender neutral (although the description states boy).

Not only are My Wonderful Walls decals super easy to use, they’re so versatile!

We started by painting the whole room in a few fresh coats of paint. If not starting with freshly painted walls please make sure to clean the walls very well to remove any debris and dirt from the walls.

Then we got to designing!

The decals proved to be very easy to remove from the backing and even easier to apply to the walls. Once I tested them out by applying the sun and clouds to the sky I let my son and daughter get in on the action as well.

I was pleasantly surprised to find how easy it was for them to help!

And I didn’t have to worry about where they placed the decals or if the decals folded over on themselves because I could easily remedy these situations. The decals were so easy to remove and reposition as needed until we got the right placement and fit for the room’s layout.

Once we were done and had applied all of the decals to the walls we sat back and looked at what we had created. My daughter was very excited to now share a room with so many friendly animals and started to wave and greet each new animal who appeared with a very happy hello.

She continues to greet the animals each day in the same fashion. Always pointing out her favorites. She even will overhear her brother talking about randomly wanting to hold frogs (because of a commercial or ad he saw) and she quickly runs to her little pond and points to the frog leaping out of the water. See, Brother, you can hold a frog!

My son made a few suggestions and changes to move a few items around and I happily obliged. I mean it is, after all, his room. Once he was happy with the layout we took a few pictures.

To see all of the photos of our toddler bedroom makeover including before and after photos please check outour photo album on G+ here.  Or if you prefer Facebook, head on over to my Facebook album here.

My Wonderful Walls not only offers amazing wall decals, they also offer wall stencils, wall murals, and canvas art as well. There are so many themes and designs to choose from that I’m sure you will find the perfect one for your home!

We are already planning on purchasing a few daffodils and blue birds for the playroom when we redesign it to give a little life to the walls. The price is affordable, the quality is excellent, and the customer service is stellar. And when/if we ever decide to build onto our home and have separate rooms for our children we’ll be coming back again to let them choose the wall art they want from My Wonderful Walls.

Ready to pick out your set of My Wonderful Walls decals or stencils? 
Head on over to their website and use the code sw625 at check out for 20% off your order

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If you are interested in keeping up with new and exciting information from My Wonderful Walls please feel free to join them on Facebook by liking their page. Or following them on twitter. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!

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Disclaimer: I received a My Wonderful Walls decal set for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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