Preparing for Breastfeeding Twins

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Even though I’ve never done it, I know that breastfeeding twins takes a lot more work and dedication than breastfeeding a singleton. Besides the fact that there are two babies getting their nutrients from you, there’s also the fact that preparing for breastfeeding twins can be quite daunting for a first time mother.

So when my brother’s girlfriend told me that she wanted to try breastfeeding her expected twins I knew I wanted to help as much as she’d allow me. And that started with realizing the importance of a good breast pump.

In the early days of my children’s lives I felt as if I always had a newborn on the boob. At least for the first 6 weeks. My shirt felt as if it were always lifted up or off all together. No, seriously… it totally was! Even though I completely loved breastfeeding, it was exhausting. But then we got the hang of it, figured out a rhythm, and had great success.

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