Watermelon Feta Salad Recipe

Watermelon Feta SaladOne thing I love about barbecues is the food. Having the opportunity to bring out our favorite summer flavors into the recipes we create is something I love. And this watermelon feta salad does just that.

Not only is it easy (um… 3 ingredients that you simply chop and mix together) but it’s a great recipe to help cool us down. With all of the heavy, fat ladened pasta salad choices, this salad leaves a refreshing choice that your guests are bound to love.

I made this recipe back when I hosted our lego party and created more of an appetizer with the presentation so having it in salad form made it much easier for me to create and serve.

Watermelon Feta Salad ingredientsWatermelon Feta Salad

  • 1/2 small watermelon, cubed
  • 1 cup feta, crumbled
  • 2 tablespoons basil, chopped

Mix watermelon, feta, and basil together in a bowl & serve!

Watermelon Feta Salad rectangle

I served this salad at my Root Beer Float party as a healthy alternative to more fattening salad choices. Not only did the adults love it but the kids did as well! That was a shocker.

It paired perfectly with the turkey burgers we grilled up and created a cool way to cleanse our palates before we enjoyed dessert.

What’s your favorite dish to enjoy while cooling off in the summertime?


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  1. Hello, your salad looks delicious. But because you didn’t list any quantities, it is completely impossible for me to make this. Did you use the entire watermelon, and if not how much of it? Did you use the entire container of cheese, and what size was the container? And how many basil leaves? I appreciate your reply, I’d really love to make this, but I couldn’t even guess as to how to make this without an exact recipe. Thank you so much for your reply.


    • I’m so sorry, Karen. I’ve updated the recipe with approximate measurements. Depending on the amount of people you’re serving you might have to increase the amounts. Mine served 4-6 people.

  2. Ok seriously?! This looks absolutely delish! I think I’m going to use this recipe for Natalie’s birthday party on Sunday!! 🙂

  3. That looks SO good!! Thanks for sharing! Perfect for the 4th!

  4. That looks delicious…and healthy too? That’s a winning combination!

  5. This is such a great combination! I love it, especially since watermelons are in season right now.

  6. I like a traditional fruit salad the most, but I’m willing to shake up my routine and try this!

  7. I love making fresh dishes like this during the summer time. I had never thought to combine feta with watermelon. Sounds like an amazing dish!

  8. Now, this looks good. My kids are all about watermelon but I don’t really care for melon. This might be a new way to try it, though.

  9. So beautifully simple! I’ve had a watermelon and feta salad in a restaurant, but wasn’t too sure if there was a magic dressing. This must be one of the best low cal salads around

  10. This looks so delicious! Can’t wait to give it a try 😉


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