DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art

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DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art

A few weeks ago we were perusing IKEA in search of… honestly I completely forget what. But I’m sure it was something we needed. While we were there we also found a nice duvet, a rug for right by our sliding glass door, and a set of 3 geometric canvases that my son desperately wanted. Turns out the canvases were on clearance so all we had to do was figure out what we wanted to do with them.

My son didn’t want to paint over them. He loved the triangles and the colors. So we had to think of some way to incorporate the triangles into our idea. I went with him into his room and looked at what we already had going on. Some large canvas pieces from Pottery Barn Kids (clearance, of course) with a rocket on one and a t-rex on the other, his 1 year cake smash photo, and the cross stitch his great aunt made him with his birth date and stats on it.

Then I looked down and saw what he had on the floor. Dinos spread out everywhere…

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - dinosaur toys

And the idea popped in my head! Those triangles were going to turn into volcanoes and a few extra dinos from the dinosaur box would add to the scenery. But how to attach everything together? Do I cut open the dinos? Use glue?

I really didn’t want to make a mess everywhere. Especially since the kids wanted to help out. So I kept it simple. I grabbed some Command™ picture hanging strips and Command™ Clear Hooks as well as some Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape to adhere the dinos onto the canvas.

The Command™ picture hanging strips would be the perfect way to layer the canvases on top of one another to create a 3-D effect. Plus, if we ever wanted to display the 3 canvases seperate, there’s no worry about ruining the canvas underneath.

Here’s how I did the rest:  

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - supplies needed

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art

What you’ll need:

  • 3 square canvases with sawtooth mounting
  • a handful of small dinos and greenery
  • paint or paint markers
  • green puffy paint
  • Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape
  • Command™ picture hanging strips
  • Command™ saw tooth picture hangers

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - painting canvasesDIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - paint grass

What you do:

  1. On the canvas, paint out the scenery you want for your dinos. As I mentioned before, we turned our triangles into volcanoes by adding tops to each volcano and some lava spurting out with an orange paint pen. I outlined one of the triangles I painted in with puffy paint to make it stand out.
  2. Once the mountain scenery is dry, add grass by using the puffy paint. You could also use regular green paint to do this but since everything else is 3-D I think the puffy paint gives it a nice touch.
  3. After the grass is dry, figure out where you want to mount the dinos. Then add pieces of the Scotch® Permanent Double Sided Tape to each dino and mount onto the canvas. 
  4. Next up, grab 4 sets of Command™ picture hanging strips (8 strips total) and put each set together. You’ll hear them connect together with a satisfying click. Once each set has been clicked together, remove the backing on one side and add two to the left edge of one canvas (the one you want to be on the right hand side), and add the other two to the right edge of one of the other canvases (the one you wnt to be on the left side). 
  5. Now remove the backing from all 4 sets and set the third canvas on top of the other two overlapping the edges by the width of the Command™ picture hanging strips.
  6. Using the Command™ saw tooth picture hangers, mount the canvases to the wall where you’d like to hang them. 

Tada! Now you have fantastic 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art to display for all to see. 

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - command stripsDIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - add tapeDIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - attach dinos to canvas

Command™ Brand provides damage-free hanging solutions for a wide variety of uses for your craft projects. Their products hold on strongly, remove cleanly. That way I don’t worry about damage to my walls, holes left in random places, or a mess left in it’s place. Find more inspiration for amazing summer project ideas here.

Now shoppers no longer have to search Walmart for these 3M products, as they are now available in the crafting aisle. Both Scotch® Brand and Command™ products are available in this aisle at Walmart. I found mine near the adhesives!

Command and Scotch products at Walmart

DIY 3-D Dinosaur Wall Art - simple and easy to make

Where do you find inspiration when crafting?

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brother and Sister

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brother and Sister

My kids have been sharing a bedroom for quite some time and we’ve tried a few different shared bedroom ideas for brother and sister in the past three years. But I think we’ve finally found the perfect arrangement to work for both kids.

After my daughter outgrew her toddler bed we got the kids a bunk bed. But the whole time we had it my son was constantly complaining about wanting his old bed back – his twin bed. So after hearing the complaints day in and day out I decided we needed some changes.

Plus it was about time we turned the kids room from a toddler room to a big kid room. And painting over the hills on the walls and removing the wall decals we had up felt like it’d help us do that. [Read more…]

Re-Creating a Relaxing Bedroom with @BreatheBedding #CBias

Recently my husband and I upgraded our bedroom furniture and the size of our bed from a queen to a king to accommodate our growing family (and the fact that our kids had all but kicked us out of our own bed!). It’s been a slow process but I am finally starting to love the results. Especially with our latest addition of Breathe Performance Bedding.

I can finally relax and enjoy our bedroom now that we’ve completed the last step in re-decorating. I’ve finally tackled the wall space above our bed and have purchased the comfortable sheets our family has been aching for.

Now typically we purchase bedding at discount and department stores (think Tuesday Mornings or Macys). We look for name brands at discounted prices and hardly ever pay full price for a set of sheets. We almost always wait for sales and try to stick with higher thread count cotton sheets since that’s what we’ve known to work in the past.

But we’ve always had an issue with sweat at night and needed a solution.

Learning More about Breathe Bedding
In order to accomplish this feat, the kids and I headed to our local Wal-mart to check out Breathe Bedding. Not only had we not heard of Breathe Bedding before, we had also never seen it at Wal-Mart. So I was very interested in learning more.

Breathe Performance Bedding isn’t your typical bedding. It is made with technology to help transfer body heat and moisture to keep you cooler, drier, and more comfortable. With a daughter who sweats quite a lot, I can tell you that moisture wicking sheets are not only helpful, but essential to a good night’s sleep!

I loved the selection and color of the bedding and found a set of King sheets in a tan color that would be perfect for  our master bedroom. Not only did it look perfect for my sweaty family, it also looked stylish as well. The packaging drew my eye and intrigued me. Especially with a photo of Mia Hamm on the cover.

To read about my experience in purchasing Breathe Performance Bedding, check out my Breathe G+ Album.

Why Not Cotton? 
Your probably asking me why are Breathe sheets not made out of cotton. Well, cotton does not allow heat to be released. It traps heat in when you fall asleep and throughout the night leaving some sleepers to wake up in a full sweat. There have been many a morning that I’ve woken up to a puddle next to me from the amount of sweating my daughter does during the night.

Inspired by athletic performance fabrics, Breathe Performance Bedding works while you sleep to regulate body temperature throughout the night and allows an increase of ventilation. This leads to a more peaceful, comfortable sleep without the worry of over heating through the night.

Gaining Inspiration from Others
Once I had my bedding figured out, it was time to get crafty and do something with these bare walls. Taking inspiration from a few pins I had recently added to my Master Bedroom Ideas Pinterest board, and rummaging through the house for odds and ends, along with taking into consideration the colors of our new bedding, I created a few pieces to add to the blank space.

With the help of some spray paint, plenty of leftover frames, my fabric stash, and a glue gun I was able to transform a few pieces into something new that fit well together. I started with the burlap I purchased at Wal-Mart and the largest picture frame.

By simply painting the frame white, hot gluing in the burlap and adding some fabric flowers and a felt S I created a personalized piece of art for our bedroom (tutorial coming soon!). I quickly followed suite with framed fabric and an embroidery hoop but was still missing something.

That’s when I decided to paint the canvas I had on hand. I was going to go with a chevron pattern but it just didn’t work out with the amount of tape I had so I went with stripes. This is the only piece I am not happy with and I’ve since decided that I’m going to find a mirror to take it’s place. Unless I repaint it completely.

Putting the Pieces Together
Once I had all of the craft projects finished it was time to put together my new room decor. I stared by making the bed and grabbing the bedspread. I needed to visualize exactly what the artwork would look like on the wall so I layed it out on the bed and checked out the positioning.

Then I did what I normally wouldn’t have done… I started blindly leveling and hammering to put everything up on the wall. Now normally I leave the measuring, leveling, and hammering to my husband. I’ve been known to just blindly go in and make holes everywhere until its to my liking and my husband doesn’t quite appreciate my approach. But since I knew this would never get done if I waited I moved on by myself.

I have to say that I really like the end result. The combination of the new sheets and the added artwork to the walls makes the room feel complete and makes me feel accomplished! Finally our master bedroom is finished and I cannot wait to lie down and enjoy it.

Good thing it’s naptime!

How have you spruced up your home lately? 

To find out more about Breathe Performance bedding, head on over to their website. You can purchase their bedding sets online or in select Wal-Mart stores. You can also find Breathe Bedding on Facebook and follow them on twitter at @BreatheBedding.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. All opinions are my own. #CBias #SocialFabric

Master Bedroom Makeover {Shop Bedding}

We’ve been working on sprucing up our master bedroom since we semi-completed the kids room. We needed something a bit more grown up and on our quest to finally have a fully matching furniture set, we also picked up a quilt bedding set to add to the grown up look.

Our room, sans some artwork, is now complete!! 

Having kids means that any sort of “fancy bedding” is just not a good idea. When one child joins us at 12am and the other crawls in at 4-5am, there’s no way we can afford to have dry clean only bedding.

Especially when one or both sometimes have accidents. Not a good thing for dry-clean only bedding!

So when I found this lightweight machine-washable set I knew it would be perfect. And it is.

Not only does the simple design compliment our room, it also has a few detailed touches that I love.

This set features a compass style American applique design, with a scalloped edging that is:

  • Quilted 
  • 100% Cotton 
  •  Machine wash/dry 

And it comes with two free shams!

There are 6 different colors in this pattern but there are many other quilt sets available on the Shop Bedding site.

Full/Queen sets include: 1 queen (86″x86″) quilt, and 2 standard (20″x26″) pillow shams
King sets include: 1 king (90″x102″) quilt, and 2 standard (20″x26″) pillow shams

If you’re looking for the perfect summer or fall bedding I highly suggest checking out the wide selection Shop Bedding carries. Not only do they feature satin and silk sets, they also have some great light weight quilt options like ours!

I’m not the only one who approves.

The kids love the new bedding set and how soft it is!

Shop Bedding doesn’t just stop at bedding, throws and accessories; they also carry curtains! So if your drapery is in need of an upgrade check out the variety of curtains they carry.

And don’t forget to check out their selection of bed-bug proof items if you’re traveling around this summer! I was just in NYC and while we didn’t find any creepy crawlies, I sure did check twice!

Shop Bedding is the perfect place to find any specialty bedding items you might need to create the perfect room!

Disclaimer: I received a quilt set from Shop Bedding for review purposes only. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

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