5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden and Use In The Kitchen

If you’re looking for a few easy things to grow, whether in a raised bed or container garden, I highly suggest checking out these 5 easy herbs to grow in the garden. Best part? They’re perfect to use in the kitchen! 

5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden

When I’m considering what to put in my raised beds and vertical gardens there’s one thing I always think about. How will I incorporate these plants into my everyday cooking? So I’ve tried to stick with easy herbs to grow in the garden.

The 5 herbs listed below are the easiest ones I’ve worked with here in San Diego and have required little more than regular watering and a little pruning every now and then (my basil). Some of these herbs even create great flowers when you let them attract bees over to help pollinate and do their thing.

If you’re looking for a few easy things to grow, whether in a raised bed or container garden, I highly suggest checking out these herbs.

5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden basil oregano sage5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden

1. Basil –

Now basil is probably my number one favorite herb to grow. Why? Because I had rogue basil growing in my garden for the past year! I didn’t even plant it, didn’t tend to it, and it still kept producing delicious leaves that I could use in just about everything.

So from my experience it’s pretty easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Just make sure to pinch off the little flower buds at the top to keep it producing great leaves to use.

Some great uses for basil in the kitchen are: add chopped up basil to scrambled eggs, toss it in with your marinara sauce, make pesto! And I love using it in my Caprese Salad Pasta.

2. Oregano –

Oregano is one of those herbs I always seem to need. So growing it in the garden just seemed to make sense. And when I received a potted herb garden at an event from Fresh & Easy I knew I had to get the oregano in the ground.

Pre-made potted herb gardens are a great way to start out if you want a variety of plants but don’t want to start from seed and don’t want to buy them all individually. I’ve seen them readily available at both Fresh & Easy and Trader Joes but I’m sure other stores carry them as well.

Oregano is one of those herbs you can add to a lot of dishes. Sprinkled over chicken to roast, thrown into a meatloaf, or sprinkled over shrimp tossed in a pan of butter. So versatile!

3. Sage –

Now sage was one of those plants that I wasn’t quite sure I needed in my garden. I really didn’t see myself using it much in the kitchen but when it came with the potted herb garden I mentioned before I figured what they hey.

And you know what? I find myself using it all the time! Especially on turkey and pork dishes. This turkey tenderloin recipe wouldn’t taste as good without a little fresh sage.

Plus this exceptional herb is known to be an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. So I can incorporate it into homeopathic medicinal uses as well.

5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden chives

4. Chives

Chives are a great way to get that onion flavor without overpowering a dish. And a sprinkle of chives can be added to a variety of dishes including frittatas, salads, soups, baked potatoes, and much more.

But just make sure to add chives to the end of the cooking process. Since their flavor is very mild it could disappear with too much heat.

Plus chives can be cut and still continue to grow. So once you get a good crop simply cut off what you need and leave the rest to continue growing. And it grows great in a vertical garden.

5. Parsley

Parsley is one of those herbs that I absolutely need in my garden. Not only because I use it almost daily but because I need it to stage great food photos for the blog (bloggers: this is totally an awesome way to add a little green to a dish!).

Plus it grows with little to no care as long as it’s watered.

Parsley pairs well with meat and egg dishes, potato and pasta dishes, vegetables, rice, salads, and soups, as well as herb butters. And just like chives, add chopped parsley to a dish near the end of the cooking process or sprinkle it on vegetables or salads immediately before serving to keep the fresh flavor.

5 Easy Herbs to Grow In The Garden parsleyWhat are your favorite herbs to cook with?

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  1. I never tried because I don’t have a green thumb. Now I can’t even if I wanted because we live in a condo apt. building.

    • Herbs are great to grow in container gardens! Even if you don’t have a porch, if you have a window sill with good light during the day you can totally grow a small herb garden.

  2. Another great thing about oregano is that it can be super prolific and keeps going with little to no upkeep. Mine just grows and grows and I pretty much ignore it. You’ve inspired me to try tarragon too!

  3. All great herbs and I love growing them too. I use sage all the time in cooking and I have found my grand kids now eat parsley because they think it is fun to pick and eat.

  4. I have tried growing herbs on my patio but I always forget about them and they die! I plan to have a few small pots on my window, I think they’ll be easier to remember that way! 🙂

  5. I have been growing a patio herb garden for years. I am considering expanding what I grow and moving it outdoors. Thanks for the great tips!

  6. We like all the herbs, I don’t think we have a favorite!

  7. I currently have a basil plant in my kitchen window sill but I want to expand. I think I plant parsley next.

  8. I live in the Seattle area and one of the things that grows well here is rosemary. I grow it and use fresh rosemary constantly. I didn’t have too much luck with my basil last year but I think I’ve resolved the problem (slugs, UGH) that caused my basil plant’s untimely demise.


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