How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle

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How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle - the perfect way to display garden roses

Last year I attended a Mom’s Night Out event at an awesome local store that repurposed glass bottles into various pieces. One thing that stood out to me were the various drinking glasses that they made from upcycled glass bottles. Another thing that stood out was the steep price tag. So after a bit of digging around I came across a few different tutorials on how to make my own drinking glasses from glass bottles and while I haven’t perfected it yet, I have created an awesome glass vase out of a coke bottle.

On a recent trip to Vons, I found these gorgeous Diet Coke It’s Mine bottles while shopping for an event I’m hosting at my home. These new, uniquely packaged bottles showcase Diet Coke in a creative way and no two glass bottles are the same! After perusing the designs on display, I chose a few that complimented each other. Their colors reminded me of the blooming flowers we have in our back yard and the hints of spring all around us.

Diet Coke It's Mine bottles at Vons

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How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle with roses

Once back home it was time to start testing out my new project. And after a few failed attempts, I finally created a beautiful glass vase to display the flowers we have in the back yard. I’m hoping my next attempt might even yield the drinking glasses I was hoping to create. Once I do master the skill of creating drinking glasses, I’ll be creating a gift basket for our school’s Gala along with other Coca Cola goodies (and my favorite Diet Coke It’s Mine bottles).

How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle with Diet Coke

How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle

What you’ll need: 

  • Diet Coke bottle
  • Yarn
  • Acetone
  • match or lighter
  • scissors/straight edge razor
  • ice bath
  • sand paper
  • adhesive roller

How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle materials
What you do: 

1. Grab a Diet Coke It’s Mine bottle and enjoy the deliciousness inside. Once you’re done with your beverage, remove the plastic decorative packaging with scissors or a straight edge razor.

2. Wrap the yarn around the bottle 5 times in the spot you want the glass top to be. Tie a knot and cut off the edges.

3. Remove the yarn from the bottle keeping it together in the same shape and soak in acetone for about 20-30 seconds until well soaked.

4. Place the yarn back on the bottle and make sure it lines up where you want it to be.

5. With an ice bath close by*, light the yarn on fire and turn the bottle slowly while the yarn burns until the flame is gone.

6. Submerge the glass into the ice bath.

7. If the glass doesn’t break after the first attempt, repeat 1-2 more times until it does making sure the yarn soaks well and the ice bath is super cold.

8. Once the top breaks off, use a sheet of sand paper to sand down the rough edges around the glass. Be aware that it may take a few attempts/bottles to get the method down right.

9. Once the top of the vase is sanded, grab the beautiful It’s Mine Diet Coke bottle and wrap it around the vase. Cut it down to the size of the vase and use adhesive to adhere back onto the bottle.

10. Add flowers and enjoy!

* I suggest using a separate container for your ice bath and not your sink due to the chance of broken glass.



How To Make A Glass Vase Out Of A Coke Bottle using the new Its Mine Diet Coke bottles

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On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials

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On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials

The best thing about living in San Diego AND working from home is that if it’s a nice day I can choose where I work. Most times during the summer I love heading out in the afternoon and spending some time at the beach with friends (and sometimes our dogs).

My kids like to call this happy hour. They don’t truly understand what the traditional happy hour is yet but our version is pretty awesome.

I keep a packed beach bag in the trunk of our car for just these occasions. I’ll share exactly what I keep in this bag and how you can make a bag filled with beach essentials too. Since every beach trip requires refreshments, I like to stop by Walgreens to pick up a few bottles of Coke to enjoy at the beach when we get there.

STAINMASTER PetProtect running at the beach

We also love surprising out of town guests with a summer essentials bag too when they come visit. It’s the perfect way to welcome them into our city and allows them the opportunity to take advantage of our beautiful beaches.

I also love stuffing in a few coupons for places around town including the zoo, local restaurants, and other attractions.

On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials - share a Coke

On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials

What you’ll need: 

  • large bag (something you won’t mind getting dirty)
  • towel for everyone
  • straw beach mat
  • magazines
  • tablet or laptop (to work)
  • sun glasses
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • snacks
  • Coke

On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials - unpack at the beach

What you do: 

  1. Pack the towels, beach mat, magazines, hat, and sunscreen in the large bag to stay in the trunk.
  2. When you’re ready to head out to the beach, grab the tablet or laptop and your sun glasses and add them to your bag. Grab the the kids (and/or the dog) and head out for some fun.
  3. Stop by Walgreens to pick up some snacks and grab a few cold Cokes to share with friends. Take advantage of Coke Happy Hour at Walgreens while you’re there (more about that below).
  4. Head off to the beach!


On-The-Go Summer Beach Bag Essentials - easy to grab and go

Every Wednesday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00pm, Buy 1 Coca-Cola 20 oz. bottle and Get 1 Free 20 oz. bottle to share! You can load the coupon instantly on the Walgreens app or click here for more information.

From May through July you get 3,000 Balance Rewards points when you buy participating Coca-Cola products when you purchase $10 of participating Coca-Cola products.

Coke at Walgreens

Who will you share a Coke with during happy hour

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with Coke Recipe

slow cooker pulled pork with coke

Using the slow cooker during the week not only saves me time in the evening but can also be a cost savings to us as well!

I can stock up on our favorite meats and veggies and throw them in the slow cooker in the morning without having to thaw them. What I’m left with is a tasty dinner to serve to my family.

One of our favorite slow cooker meals is pulled pork. Not only can we enjoy the pork on a pulled pork sandwich, but we can also use the meat for enchiladas, casseroles, and more!

The best part is that all you put in the crock pot are two ingredients.

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