Saying Goodbye

Jetta {February 2011}

Sadly, yesterday, we had to say goodbye to our dear dog, Jetta. She just turned 12 in November and has been slowly declining in health over the past year. About a year ago we noticed a growth on her leg. We took her to the vet. They wanted to test the growth to see if it was malignant or not. They also found another growth near her back leg that they believed was a uterine tumor.

The vet did some tests and the tests determined that Jetta’s tumor was malignant. So we got a run down from them on how much it would cost to surgically remove (or attempt to remove) the tumors. And when push came to shove we just couldn’t afford the surgery.

With the cost plus the risk of Jetta dying on the operating table and the fact that she might live maybe a year or two more even with the surgery we left everything as is. We knew we’d just have to keep her as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. Without the surgery, the vet gave her 6 months.

She didn’t seem affected by her age or the tumors for a long time. And then a few months ago she started to have problems with traction. She couldn’t quite get traction on our laminate and tile floors (in the kitchen and living room). But she made due and we made sure to lay blankets down for her to lay on when she came in to sleep.

And then on Wednesday Joseph woke up in the early morning to find her on the kitchen floor unable to get up. And she had an accident. He was able to help her up and she walked out to do her business. She was able to get around a bit but I noticed that day that she refused to eat anything. The day before she had taken a few bites of food.

Then the next day she didn’t eat either. And she was having more trouble getting around. She was still drinking water so I knew she was close to the end but not quite ready. I called my dad to make sure he came by to say goodbye (Jetta was given to my brother, sister, and me as a Christmas gift when I was 15, I then “adopted” her after my dad moved into a townhome that had no room for a husky). He came by on Friday and on Friday night I called the vet to see how we were to go about letting her go. The receptionist said that we could call in the morning when we were ready and they’d fit us in.

We called that next morning and the receptionist that day (different from Friday night) said that they were completely booked with appointments until the end of the day at 5pm. I couldn’t make her wait till 5pm. She was pleading at me with her eyes. So I called up Joseph’s aunt. She works at an animal hospital and had let us know they are available 24/7 for these types of situations.

So we trekked on over. As soon as they found out what we were there for we were taken care of right away. I was taken back to a special room that had a door to the parking lot (so we could go to our car without passing by the lobby again). After the paperwork and whatnot the vet came in. She was very kind and explained the whole procedure to us. She waited after every step and asked if we were ready. I just kept petting her head as she slowly drifted off to sleep. We left shortly after she was wheeled away.

It was very hard but we knew it was right and it was time… she will be missed.

Cleaning & Housework: 4 Tools for Getting Things Done with a Baby

When it comes to cleaning and housework these tools for getting things done with a baby make my life so much easier!

Since my son was born, I always rushed to get things done while he was asleep. It’s just easier that way because when he’s awake he’s either eating, wants constant interaction or wants to be held. Which is typical for a 2 month old. 

Well for the past few weeks he’s been spending more and more time alone. No, I don’t leave him in places alone. I mean he’s been hanging out on his activity mat longer, staying in his swing and not sleeping, playing in his bouncer and even sitting in his car seat for longer.

So we’ve been able to find a few tips for getting things done with a baby. And let me tell you, these tools are life saving! 

Cleaning & Housework: Tools for Getting Things Done with a Baby

Baby Bouncer

One of the best things we received for the baby was the bouncer we got. It is my life saver when I want to take showers and it keeps the baby entertained when I’m doing laundry in the garage or putting things up and down from the clothesline outside. He stays in there and either watches me or plays and talks to his hanging toys. It’s great because I know he’s safe and I get things done!

Activity Mat

Another great thing is his activity mat. I will bring the laundry in to be folded and set up the activity mat on our bed. I turn on a little Regina Spektor on the iHome and we both sing as I fold clothes. Yes, E sings along… it might sound like squealing but he’s singing 🙂 He does his tummy time for 1/2 the time and then I turn him over when he gets sick of that and he looks at the hanging animals that he so frequently talks to.

Car Seat

I have, in a pinch, also used his car seat to sit him in while I do things around the house. Sometimes both the bouncer and activity mat are in the back bedroom and I need to clean the kitchen or the living room & dining room so I lay him in the car seat and make sure he can see me. I then start talking to him while moving around the house and he can last 15-20 minutes before getting sick of being there. Then I just move him to the swing…


I LOVE his swing 🙂 It’s so great. It’s the only place he’ll fall asleep beside my arms (we’re going to start working on that). I don’t feel bad for putting him in there because he actually likes it. And when I time it right he falls asleep within 10 minutes 99% of the time. If I time it wrong… well, he fusses for about 10 more minutes and then falls asleep. Or he’s not really ready to go to sleep and I take him out.

What tools do you use to get things done around the house with a baby? 

Like what you just read? Read on! 

Ethan Joseph is here!

He was born on Sunday, February 22nd at 2:45pm. Delivery went well (as it could have). Water broke at 7:45am. We called L & D shortly after (I took a shower and ate first). They told us to come in. We came in and I was having no contractions/no pain and was only 1cm dilated. We tried to walk around a bit to get contrax going but weren’t progressing so they had to put me on pitocin 🙁

I tried to labor it out without going for meds but had to at least get something to take the edge off. At that time I was 3cm dilated. When that wore off I couldn’t handle it anymore and went for the epidural. I was about 4 cm dilated at the time. After an hour or two of intense pressure they checked again and I was at 9cm! Shortly thereafter I was ready and so was he. His head was right there ready to come out!

After 30 minutes of pushing he joined us. Throughout the pushing I had no tears and than when he came out I did tear quite a bit because he came so fast. But I don’t mind it. He’s just perfect. He’s 7 pounds 13.5 ounces and 21 inches long. He has blonde hair like his mama and papa and his eyes are gray-blue for now. We’ll see what they are in a few months. More pictures to come when we get settled.

Our Kitchen Remodel (Almost) Complete!

I just wanted to share a few photos of our (almost) complete kitchen remodel.

The only things we have left to do are install the knobs and pulls and repair/paint the window sill. I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Joseph worked long hours to make sure that the kitchen was done before the bridal shower I threw Amanda and all of his hard work definitely paid off.

I now have a beautiful kitchen to cook and entertain in. The extra space is just wonderful and all of the details help to make the kitchen easier to use. From spice racks next to the stove to fully extending pull out drawers in the pantry this kitchen is our dream kitchen.

I’ll take pictures of the different components and post those soon but wanted to show the over all changes 🙂

A view from the barstools overlooking the main counter space

Dog food bowls… now you see them…

Now you don’t! When we entertain we can push the bowls in

Can lighting that Joseph installed along with our pantry and broom closet (left) and extra counter & cabinet space (right). From right to left on the bottom cabinets we have a cabinet for our trash & recycle bins, a cabinet with a stand for my KA mixer, a lazy susan corner cabinet, and a cookie tray rack.

A view from the living room into the kitchen. See how open it is??

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