Creating a Comfortable Learning Environment + 10 Classroom Hacks for Teachers

This post featuring classroom hacks for teachers is made possible thanks to Mohawk, who has graciously donated a bound Mohawk carpet to my son’s kindergarten teacher so she could create a comfortable learning environment for the kids. 

Creating a Comfortable Learning Environment + 10 Classroom Hacks for Teachers

One of the keys to a great learning environment for kids is creating an inviting and comfortable setting. My son’s kindergarten teacher has done just that with her classroom and it allows the kids to feel at home when they’re away at school. From the warm colorful walls to the cozy nooks found in the different centers she has scattered through the classroom, the kids never have to worry about being uncomfortable.

Two of the learning centers she has set up next to one another is the listening center and the literacy center. A cozy section of the classroom dedicated to books and reading. The carpet she had in this area of the classroom was looking a little sad and wasn’t as comfortable as it once was for the kids. With the help of Mohawk we’ve spruced up this area and now the kids are greeted with a plush, comfortable area to read and learn.

Creating a Comfortable Learning Environment with Mohawk bound carpet

Mohawk’s new SmartStrand Forever Clean is the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet! How, you ask? It has Nanoloc spill protection for quick and easy spill cleanup (a new nanotechnology to protect the fiber) and is the ONLY carpet with built-in stain and soil resistance that NEVER wears or washes off. 

Since classrooms are filled with kids for a majority of the day, being able to clean the classroom easily is important. Most stains on the Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet comes clean with water or a little mild detergent. No harsh cleaners needed – which is perfect for a classroom or playroom setting! And an added bonus is that it’s environmentally friendly because it’s made in part from renewable resources. 
Creating a Comfortable Learning Environment - literacy center
Another awesome thing about Mohawk is that any SmartStrand carpet can be cut and bound in the size you want! Visit your local Mohawk retailer to shop styles and colors and choose a carpet that’s perfect for your classroom.
Now for some great classroom hacks for the end of the school year!

10 Classroom Hacks for Teachers

10 End ­of­ Year Classroom Hacks for Teachers

1. Create a ”Closing the Classroom” checklist. As you finish up the school year, check off each item to ensure you’re on track. Scholastic has a great list, but you’ll want to personalize it for your unique situation.

2. Before you pack up your classroom materials at the end of the year (especially if you’re moving to a new room, school, etc.), purge your belongings. If it pains you to throw things away, set up giveaway stations for other teachers to peruse before you break out the trashbags. This will allow you to begin the new year without clutter from the previous years.

3. Let the students clean their desks and work stations with sanitizing wipes. It’ll help them work off some nervous energy during those last few days.

4. Create a summer reading log to encourage your students to read during the summer. Love the book worm treat bag with gummy worms, too!

5. By the end of the year, your canisters for pencils, crayons and markers have seen better days. Revamp your canisters with some pretty scrapbook paper, ribbons or other embellishments.

6. Get a jump start on your organizational bins. You’ll need weekly, monthly and themed unit bins prepped and ready to go for next year.

7. Be prepared when you have parent volunteers to help. We love these volunteer bins with papers to copy, books to be leveled, etc.

8. Organize the markers, pens, pencils and other office supplies in your desk drawer using revamped cereal boxes. Cut them off, and use contact paper or scrapbook paper to make them pretty.

9. Do you feel irritated whenever you have to look for another parent communication form because someone lost theirs? You won’t have that problem next year! Create a parent communication station with clearly labeled forms. The students can grab what they need whenever they need it.

10. Parents and teachers alike can use this command center idea for papers that need to go home or back to the school, library books, communication and more.

How are you preparing your classroom for summer?

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