Pregnancy Issues in the Third Trimester

I’m taking care of pregnancy issues and LBL with Poise® Microliners as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #LifesLittleLeaks

Pregnancy Issues in the Third Trimester including LBL #LifesLittleLeaks

I’m about a third away through the third trimester and I have to say that it is not as easy the third time around! From aches, pains, LBL, and more, I’ve found that there’s new pregnancy issues just about every day.

Luckily I’ve found a few ways to help these issues and make them more tolerable as I count down the days to meeting my third little bundle of joy.  [Read more…]

What They Don’t Tell You After Birth: Light Bladder Leakage

This post featuring light bladder leakage tips is sponsored by Poise. 

When I had my son there were so many different things friends and family tried to tell me. Their  tips, advice, and suggestions. But in all of those tips, advice, and suggestions they never told me about the things that happen… down there… after the baby is here.

 I don’t mean right after giving birth (although that could be a whole other post), I mean a few months later when you aren’t pregnant anymore and are heading out for your first run post-baby and all of a sudden you’re a mile away from home and have a little dribble of pee running down your legs.

No, seriously. This happens people! And it’s not fun!

new running shoes [Read more…]

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