Eco-Healthy Tips: Recycling and Reusing

Celebrate Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd I thought I’d try and share a few great ways for us to start thinking more about our effect on our planet. Americans generate trash at an astonishing rate of four pounds per day per person, which translates to 600,000 tons per day or 210 million tons per year!

While the most important way to save valuable resources is to use as few as possible in the first place, recycling and using recycled products is the next step. By teaching my children to recycle while they’re young, I hope to instill in them the importance of taking care of the planet we live on.

We have been lucky enough to find an eco-healthy preschool that continues to educate them on the importance of not only recycling but reducing our use of plastics, etc and showing them how to reuse the products we do take into our home.

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Getting Creative with Recycling Plastic

Since having children, my family has become very active in recycling and teaching ourselves how we can better protect our planet. With these steps to becoming more eco-friendly we’ve found ways to make recycling plastic fun!

My kids know to think before they throw anything away and they check our fridge for what they can and cannot recycle. What they check is this awesome key to what we can put in our blue bins and where we put everything else.

And we’ve made it a bit fun for the kids by having sorted bins on the side of our blue bins for everything else.

Getting Creative with Recycling Plastic - city recycling guide

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Recycled Portable Snack Container {How-To}

With a love of coffee and creamer comes a surplus of creamer bottles left over once I’ve had a few morning cups. So taking a spin on recycling a bit further, I removed the wrapper over one of my creamer bottles and cleaned it out very well after it was empty.

What resulted was simple recycled portable snack container. And it’s perfect for little hands!

Here’s how to make a Recycled Portable Snack Container: 

1. Grab an empty creamer container.

2. Rinse and wash thouroughly.

3. Remove outer plastic from bottle.

4. Fill up with your child’s favorite small snack.

5. Enjoy a snack on the go!

Not only does it fit perfectly in my daughter’s stroller, it also pours out just a few snacks at a time reducing waste and messes. Each time we go out for a run my daughter reaches for her portable snack container so she can enjoy her snack on the go!

What does your child love to snack on? 

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