Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California When You’re 5

I received 2 tickets to Legoland Resort. All opinions are 100% my own.

Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California When You're 5

A few weeks ago a very special boy celebrated a very big birthday. My son turned 5. And in celebration of this huge milestone birthday we headed to Legoland for the weekend. And he gave me the scoop on the top 5 things to do at Legoland California when you’re 5.

Because it’s a totally different experience from when you were 4. Or 3. No, seriously. It is. And it’s so much cooler!

Since it was his birthday we let him call the shots. He chose what to do, where to go, and where we ate. And we had so much fun!

Things to do at Legoland California - ride the sky cruiser

Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California When You’re 5

1. Ride all of the cool rides –

Now this is totally a given. But the one thing I love about Legoland California is that there are rides for everyone. My son absolutely loves any ride that he feels a part of; steering a boat in the water, pedaling a Sky Cruiser on a track above ground.

And he was brave enough to check out Coastersaurus this time around. I see a blooming roller coaster enthusiast in the making just like his mom.

Things to Do at Legoland California - waiting in line

Just make sure that you know your child’s height before heading out to the rides they want to try out. Knowing the height (and age) restrictions before you chose the next ride may help with any melt downs if your child isn’t tall enough.

Luckily this information is posted on the Legoland California website and you can find a handy height guide at the front of the park to the right of the turnstiles when you first arrive.

Things to do at Legoland California - play with your little sister

It’s also fun to sit back and watch your kid sister enjoy a few rides with dad. That earns extra points with the parents come snack time and you want a huge ice cream cone.

Things to do at Legoland California - build legos while waiting in line

2. Build and play while you wait –

With some of the rides that tend to have longer lines, there are great Lego-filled play areas in the line for Sky Cruiser and Skipper school for the kids to enjoy while the parents stand in line for them.

Some of our favorite spots to build in the park are:

  • Sky Cruiser
  • Skipper School
  • Lego Club House
  • Duplo Town (for the littles ages 1-5)

And, of course, we never leave the park without a fun new Lego set to build when we get home.

Things to do at Legoland California - get wet or get others wet

3. Get wet and get others wet –

Now you don’t need to have a pass to the Legoland water park to get a little wet on your trip to Legoland. If you’re visiting during the off season for the water park but still need to cool down, there are plenty of places to do so.

We head straight towards Pirate Shores when we need to cool down. From Treasure Falls to Splash Battle to the Swabbie’s Deck, there are plenty of places to have fun in the sun and water if it’s hot enough. And sometimes on a random weekend on February it can be hot enough.

My son absolutely loved that he could also take aim and get those riding Splash Battle a little more wet from Swabbie’s Deck. Great fun for kids and parents alike! Word of warning: bring a change of clothes or an extra $5 cash for the family drying stations.

Things to do at Legoland California - The Lego Movie set

4. Check out The Lego Movie set –

Planning a trip to Legoland California soon? Then you won’t want to miss seeing the actual set used during the non-animation parts of The Lego Movie.

The attention to detail, crazy building skills, and just pure awesomeness is a sight to see. Plus my kids loved pointing out their favorite characters. And my daughter was very excited to find Batman (there’s only one on set!).

Missed the chance? Don’t worry! There are still plenty of other fun Lego characters to check out throughout the park.

Things to do at Legoland California - explore the paths

There are so many fun things to explore throughout the park. So if your kids aren’t interested in riding anything consider just taking a stroll around and checking things out.

My son loves the Enchanted Walk as we explore Castle Hill and it’s never a trip to Legoland without visiting Miniland so he can see some of his favorite buildings created out of Legos (including fun scenes from Star Wars!).

By mid day, though, there’s only one thing on my son’s mind…

Things to do at Legoland California - Castle Hill Hideaways

5. Run around like a crazy kid –

Has waiting in line driven your child(ren) crazy? Then you need to head over to Castle Hill and unleash the kids at Hideaways.

Not only will they have fun, but you’ll thouroughly exaust them for either a. a great time to sit down and eat lunch or dinner or b. tire them out enough for nap or bedtime. Either way, this place is a win-win for both parents and kids.

Things to do at Legoland California - indulge in apple fries

I’m pretty sure my 5 year old could spend 1/2 of his time in Legoland at Hideaways and I really don’t mind because the place they serve Apple Fries at is right around the corner.

So I can enjoy delicious goodness with a side of vanilla cream and he gets to play and run and climb until he’s satisfied.

I’m thinking our next trip may have to focus on the top 5 places to eat at Legoland… what do you think?

Top 5 Things to Do at Legoland California

Have you been to Legoland? What’s your favorite part?

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  1. I have never been to Legoland, but is it sad that his top 5 things at the age of 5 sound like my top 5 at the age of 31!? Glad he had fun!!!

  2. Awww, Great day!! <3 (and thanks for a peek at a place we'll likely never get to, but would love to visit!)

  3. Wow–this looks like an amazing park to visit-my son especially would love this place–it looks like you guys had a great time–thanks for sharing so if I’m out there-we are going!!

  4. SO much fun! We have to get there for a real all day visit. I’m thinking staycation this summer. Wanna go? 🙂

    • Do you even have to ask? That would be so much fun! I’m pretty sure my kids would be cool with just hanging out by the pool most of the day. Kayla would love it.

  5. I loved following your journey of LegoLand! I want to take Zane in the worst way!! Looks awesome!

  6. We’d love to go there! I think the best part would be playing and creating with all those Legos.

  7. No I’ve never been! It looks like fun though. I want those Apple fries!

  8. Wow! That looks like a super fun place! My kids would love it there!

  9. we have been to the one in Florida 2X and love it! So much to do and see, the apple fries tare to die for!

  10. To be honest I didn’t know there was a LegoLand! How FUN!!! If/when we ever get out to the west coast we’ll have to make plans to visit.

  11. That looks like so much fun, even if you are WAY older than 5! My kids are teens but I still have every single lego we have ever owned!

  12. We took my son last year when he was 4. He loved it. He really wants to go again. Its 6 hours away so we will have to plan it on the next long weekend we get. His favorite part was every ride. Mostly the ones with pirates. We had so much fun.

  13. Thanks for this, my twins are 5 – they would LOVE it here!!

  14. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I totally need to plan a trip down there soon!


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