Tree Planting Tips: Planning Your Garden

Tree Planting Tips Planning Your Garden

Anyone that heads out to a nursery to shop for a tree knows that these awkward, spindly bunch of branches has the potential to grow into something great. Adding a tree to your yard is a big commitment because the tree will serve to separate, bring together and stand in place for several years to come.

Tree planting is the first and most important step to adding a tree to your garden, so it is important that it is done right and that every home gardener know about the common mistakes to avoid.

We recently started adding trees to our community garden, including a Valencia orange and Anna apple, and after much research on the types of trees we were going to plant, the next step was planting the trees right!  [Read more…]

Starting a Community Compost Site Featured on Someday I’ll Learn

Starting a Community Compost

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage and waste you create, improve and add to the soil that you garden with and it benefits the environment too. Starting a community compost site is an even bigger win because when there is a public option, more folks have a way of joining in and starting to compost for themselves.

To learn more about starting your own community compost site, check out my post on Someday I’ll Learn for great ways to get going today!

Do you compost at home? Looking to expand?

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Growing Communities through Community Gardens plus a Hash Brown recipe

 I am a member of the Collective Bias Social Fabric Community. This shop featuring growing communities and an #OreIdaHashbrown recipe is part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias and its advertiser.

Growing Communities through Community Gardens plus a hashbrown recipe

While our community garden has brought our community together through growing food, it stays together as we share meals with one another and truly get to know each other. So when I considered how I could give back to my fellow gardeners, I thought it would be wonderful to share our first meal of the growing season together with a delicious Hash Brown recipe.

I invited all of the plot renters/growers to meet my family and me at the garden for a nice meal we could share. It would be the perfect excuse to get together between our community garden meetings and chat about more than what we’re growing. Plus I’d do all the cooking and clean up! Win-win, right?

By sharing these meals with one another we are truly growing communities and establishing strong roots in our neighborhood. I couldn’t imagine not having these wonderful people in our lives.

[Read more…]

Be the Change You Wish To See with Community Action

About a year and a half ago I received a flyer on my door step. Other community members were meeting up together to see if they could receive the proper approval to put in a community garden on a plot of land in our neighborhood. Seeing that I had just started my own garden bed I was very interested in hearing what their plans were and what needed to be done to take the right steps forward.

Having a community garden is not only something that’s wonderful for the person who owns a bed but for the community as a whole. It takes a deserted piece of land and brings beauty. It takes a community of individuals and creates a family. I headed out to that first meeting not knowing what to expect. But over the next few months I found myself as a member of the Community Garden Steering Committee and an active member in my community as well.

Be the Change You Wish To See

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