Top 10 Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

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I’m not sure if it’s just me or it my friends are also having this same problem but as the kids get older I’m finding that it’s harder and harder to find out exactly what they want for Christmas. Or, as I’m experiencing with my son, things change from week to week so the one thing you thought was at the top of their list is now just eh. Frustrating, right? 

Well this year I did a bit of research and if you’re like me and have an 8 year old boy, I’ve got you covered! Different price points, different types of toys, and all perfect 8 year old gifts. 


Stikbot Studio

Create , Animate and Share! Stikbot Studio Pro is the perfect way to get kids interested in stop motion video. This set include 1 tripod , 2 stikbots (solid red and solid orange color, 2in1 stage green and blue screen. With green screen , you can capture the best photo and video and save time editing. Easily cut and edit footage to create the sequence you need by using green screen. You can digitally recreate the background of your scene

Buy here on Amazon (Prime available):


What 8 year old doesn’t love LEGO sets? From Minecraft to LEGO City to Superheros, LEGO sets come in all themes, sizes, and price points. Perfect for boys or girls. 

Video Games

My son is obsessed with video games. But of course he loves the ones that aren’t actually available to purchase easily. Top of his list? The Isle, Subnautica, and Terraria.


IDo3D Vertical

IDO3D uses a cool blue LED light and soft, squeezable 3D pens that enable you to easily draw 3D objects! The IDO3D Vertical light attaches to each pen by clicking firmly into place. The light can easily be removed from one pen, and placed on another by simply pulling it off, and popping it onto another. It’s a snap!

With IDO3D Vertical, you can draw vertically, straight into the air. To do so, turn on your light, and simply draw upward by squeezing your pen and moving the tip vertically, away from your drawing surface. You can also make solid sheets of material by drawing on flat or curved surfaces, first with the light off, and curing afterward by shining the light on your art. Draw on non-sticky textured materials or objects like coins or buttons, and then remove for very cool effects. 

Buy here on Amazon (Prime available):


Osmo is an award-winning hands-on game system, fosters creativity & problem solving skills. The starter kit incldues 4 games – Words: puzzle form spelling, Newton: creative problem solving, Tangram: expand your visual thinking, and Masterpiece: supercharged drawing and is designed for kids 5-12. So siblings can play along as well!

From coding to tangrams to everything in between, my kids are obsessed with Osmo. Their current favorites are the Osmo Coding and Osmo Pizza Co


Now this is one of those gifts my husband checked out before the holiday season and purchased as a joint gift for himself AND the two older kids. Yeah, you read that right. A gift for him and the kids. But boy were his instincts right! Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personality that evolves the more you hang out.

Cozmo expresses real emotions in response to your actions. He requires a free app and the processing power of your compatible mobile phone/tablet to access high level robotics functions that brings Cozmo to life. New games and upgrades are unlocked the more you play.

Cosmo may be hard to get now but keep an eye on when he comes back in stock:


Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum Blaster

One way to get my kid out of the house (and off his video games) is to start a fun game of war. And this Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum Blaster is the perfect accessory for a friendly competition. 

Grab yours here:

Minecraft anything

What kid doesn’t love Minecraft, right? My son is still just as obsessed with Minecraft now as he was last year. And while he has the game, he still wants all of the toys, t-shirts, and stuffed animals out there. So many options for a Minecraft lover! 

Magic Treehouse Box Sets

One thing I love finding for each kid is a good book for them for the new year and the Magic Treehouse series is one my son enjoys reading with us and by himself. Anything that will get him to read is a win-win in my book! 

Grab books 1-4 here (more available if you’ve already read these!):

Little Live Pets

I don’t know what it is about these little guys but both my 6 year old and 8 year old are obsessed with them. There are turtles, frogs, and mice available and each has their own little habitat they come in (or you can purchase them separately. 

Check em out here:


What are your kids asking for under the tree? 

Keeping Baby Entertained On The Go

After having our third kid, we realized that keeping baby entertained on the go isn’t as hard as it was with the first and second child. It’s even easier with Playskool’s new on-the-go line! I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Playskool. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Keeping Baby Entertained On The Go

I don’t know if this is how it is for all third babies but our little Norah has turned out to be very adaptable. She just goes with the flow and takes to change easily. As long as her mama or dada are with her, and she has something to entertain her, she’s pretty cool with just about any new situation. So when I had to have my gallbladder out last week, I wasn’t too concerned about her being without me. Except  for the fact that she hadn’t successfully taken a bottle in quite a while.

Well she did absolutely awesome with her dad when I spent the night at the hospital the night after my surgery. She surprised us in not only taking one bottle, but taking two for her dad. And she was in high spirits when she came to visit me around 9:30am the next morning. Better yet, she just wanted to play! And luckily we saved some new toys for her to enjoy as I recovered.


I have a little confession… Norah really hasn’t had any new toys purchased for her. She plays with a few hand-me-downs from her cousins and friends. And she loves playing with her siblings’ toys. So when my husband busted out a few fun toys from Playskool’s new on-the-go line out of his backpack to keep her entertained at the hospital, she just about tackled her new Dressy Bessy to play with her zipper and button. It was absolutely adorable to see Norah play with Dressy Bessy’s button, then go and find her buttons on her dress as she played in the hospital room.

And? Dressy Bessy comes with a secure clip that we can use to attach to the stroller or my diaper bag. That way we can take her wherever we go and she takes up little to no room. Clipping her onto the stroller also means that Norah can play and have fun and I won’t have to worry about Bessy being thrown overboard. And her Fold N Go Elepant? It folds up into a cute little package for easy storage. Talk about convinience. Great for staycations or travelling around.

Keeping Baby Entertained On The Go - Fold N Go Elephant

Keeping Baby Entertained On The Go

  1. Distractions… er… Toys – Toys are an important part of keeping baby occupied on the go. Whether on a road trip and stopped at a rest stop (toys should not be played with in a moving car), or during a day trip to the park or beach, having a fun toy like Playskool’s Dressy Bessy clipped onto the stroller or the Fold N Go Elephant stashed away in the diaper bag can turn into a great distraction for baby to keep them happy and occupied.
  2. Snacks and Drinks – One of the best ways to keep Norah entertained while we’re out and about is to offer her a sippy cup. It doesn’t even have ot have water in it. At this age she just loves playing and chewing on it. Water makes it more fun. And little snacks like puffs or yogurt melts keeps her distracted and working on her pincer grip for quite some time.
  3. A Change Of Scenery – I’ve found that keeping babies in the same position with little to no change drives them crazy. It’s probably the one reason why my kids always hated the carseat at that age. They couldn’t see the changes taking place outside the window! So whether it’s moving them from the stroller to the carrier (change in view) or simply walking around a bit with them to show them some new cool things to explore, a change of scenery is very inportant when keeping baby entertained on the go.
  4. Music – If you’re trapped in the car for a few hours and can’t resort to toys or snacks, playing a little music and singing along may get baby to focus on the sounds vs. complaining about being trapped in their carseat. We put on a little Hulabaloo and start singing along to get Norah distracted enough to start enjoying herself.
  5. Games – Even though babies might not understand the games, the repetition of some games like patty cake, peek-a-boo, etc can help baby learn how to interact with you and react to what you say. Plus, when you start playing a game that’s familiar to them, they are immediately interested and distracted from what they were doing before. Which is super helpful when you’re on the go.

Keeping Baby Entertained On The Go - Dressy Bessy

How do you keep baby busy on-the-go?

Now your baby can enjoy Playskool’s new on-the-go line too! Influence Central (I-C) is hosting a contest for the new Playskool on-the-go line through which you can enter to win one of five Playskool Prize Packs. Contest opens on September 9, 2015 and closes September 30, 2015

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Creative Gift Ideas to Encourage Imagination

This post featuring creative gift ideas to encourage imagination is sponsored by RadioShack. #GiftSmart

Creative Gift Ideas to Encourage Imagination

Is there any better feeling than waking up Christmas morning to watch the joy on your child’s face as they open up a gift they’ve asked for all year long? I really don’t think there is. And for my little engineers, any gift that puts their mind to work and gets their hands involved is something they will have on their list.

I don’t know how it happened (ok, maybe I do) but both of my kids seem to have the drive to create and imagine up these crazy contraptions and inventions. So when I find gifts that will fill that need to work on something I snatch it up right away.

[Read more…]

Top 50 Target Black Friday Deals

Top 50 Target Black Friday Deals

There’s one shopping day each year that I look forward to. And yes, it’s totally Black Friday. Now with the craziness of the holiday upon us I take it as a challenge to get the rest of my holiday shopping done on the day after Thanksgiving so I can spend all of December enjoying my family. No last minute Christmas Eve shopping for this mama!

One shop I love to stop by first thing before heading to the mall is Target. And Target has lots of incredible Black Friday deals this year! My source?! Their sale begins at 6pm on Thursday, November 26th so after you’re completely stuffed you can get a little exercise in while roaming the aisles.

But make sure it’s worth it to head out into the crowd! Some of the Amazon prices (links below) are nearly as good or as low as Black Friday deals already. You should definitely check the links during Black Friday weekend before you head out since the prices will most likely get better online as the sale date gets closer. [Read more…]

Great Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

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Great Gift Ideas for the Whole Family - from pregnancy and newborns to kids and adults!
So one of my girlfriends reminded me the other day that there are only 6 more Fridays before Christmas. Whaaat?? That was totally a wake up call to get the ball rolling and start thinking of gift ideas for the whole family.

Good thing my kids never stop adding things to their “list” year round when we’re at stores and when they watch a show on one of “those” networks with all of the kid-geared commercials.

I’ve rounded up a few of our favorite gifts this season and have included something for each member of the family! Including me. Because you can’t forget the big pregnant lady, right?

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Star Wars Rebels Star Destroyer Inspired Paper Airplanes

This shop featuring Star Wars Rebels Star Destroyer Inspired Paper Airplanes has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

Star Wars Rebels Star Destroyer Inspired Paper Airplanes - a fun and easy way to let imagination reign and let kids be kids

Sometimes you have to just give into your inner kid, sit on the ground, and start making paper airplanes based off of your favorite movies and your son’s new favorite TV series.

That’s exactly what my husband did after we took home Star Wars Rebels on DVD last Friday. He even let my son pick out a Star Wars toy so that he’d stop playing with my husband’s Millennium Falcon and X-Wing fighters.

Luckily Walmart has a great selection of Hasbro Star Wars toys that piqued my son’s interest. He ended up deciding on a pretty sweet Star Wars Rebels Comand Star Destroyer Set. [Read more…]

Spread the Love with GIANTmicrobes for Valentine’s Day

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spread the love with giantmicrobes

Is your significant other hard to shop for? Don’t know what to pick up for the kids for Valentine’s Day? Why not surprise them with the gift of GIANTmicrobes!

Yep, that’s right. Give the gift of the kissing disease or syphilis this Valentine’s Day and watch the recipients eyes enlarge when they open up their Heart Warming (or Heart Burned) box of mini GIANTmicrobes.

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving this year! But don’t worry… you can’t actually catch anything inside the box unless you throw one of these adorable guys around. [Read more…]

Give the Gift of Surprise with Citrus Lane Shop

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Citrus Lane.

Citrus Lane Shop box

As my kids get older I find that it’s harder and harder to find products on store shelves that entertain them for very long. Since I love trying out new products and finding new companies I was excited to have this box above from Citrus Lane arrive at my door.

Prior to receiving this box I had heard a little about Citrus Lane and their award-winning subscription service. They deliver boxes on a monthly basis and are geared towards newborns and children up to age five. Since I have a 2 and a 4 year old, this was the perfect subscription box for us! [Read more…]

10 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Dollar Tree

This post is sponsored by Dollar Tree.

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas from Dollar TreeOne thing I absolutely love seeing my family open every year are their stockings. While Santa usually brings a few traditional items that are always included as stocking stuffers, he also throws in some fun goodies that the kids can play with and enjoy the morning of Christmas.

In an effort to reduce the amount Santa spends this year, we’ve decided to ask Santa for one big item each and then let him decide on a few smaller items for the stockings. So we headed out to one of my kids’ favorite stores, Dollar Tree, and checked out what they had in store for us this year.

And what do you know? We found plenty of awesome ideas for Santa! From board books, to dolls, do bugs and snakes, there was plenty at the Dollar Tree to keep my kids occupied. They even had stockings to purchase in case we didn’t have ours already. What a great idea for wrapping a gift!

Oh, and did I mention that for one of my family’s get togethers we’re planning on grabbing 5 things we love from Dollar Tree and wrapping those in lieu of our Secret Santa gift exchange? We’ll do it White Elephant style and everyone goes home with 5 new things! I can’t wait to go shopping and see what I find. [Read more…]

Take Back Control of Your Tablet with the VTech InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet

VTech InnoTab 3 take back control

As soon as my kids figured out our tablets there was no getting them back. They constantly were in control. So when I was asked to review the VTech® InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet I said a big YES without hesitation. Finally… I had my answer to taking back control of our tablets.

The VTech® InnoTab 3 Learning App Tablet is a child-size tablet with apps just like mommy and daddy’s tablet, only the apps are geared towards 3-7 year olds. Perfect, huh?

As soon as we got our InnoTab 3 the kids wanted to head to the store to pick up some games. So we grabbed Hello Kitty for my daughter and Scooby Doo for my son. Within literally minutes of grabbing the InnoTab 3 from our hands after we set it up they were off and running. Each taking turns and showing each other what they learned and figured out. [Read more…]

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