DIY Shamrock Shirt with 4-Leaf Cover Stamp

When the kids are home on a weekday because school is out we find an excuse to craft! And with St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we decided to make a festive t-shirt for my daughter to wear to school on the holiday. With a cardboard roll, some q-tips, and green paint, you can easily make a shamrock shirt in 30 minutes. 

And, if your child is as excited to craft as mine was, you may also end up with a rainbow and pot of gold over your four leaf clover too! Painting with q-tips is fun and using items from around the house to create things allows the kids to think outside of the box! We share some more tips in the Facebook Live video we did below: 

DIY Shamrock Shirt with 4-Leaf Cover Stamp

What you’ll need: 

  • white shirt
  • green paint (plus rainbow colors if you want to add a rainbow)
  • cardboard tube
  • q-tips
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors

What you do: 

1. Cut cardboard tube into 4 sections. 

2. Make a heart with each section by flattening the tube and turning one point into itself.  

3. Glue all 4 hearts together to form a shamrock. 

4. Position shamrock onto shirt. Using the q-tip, dot green paint onto shirt following the shamrock outline. 

5. Add a rainbow, pot of gold, or sun to your shirt to finish it off. 

6. Let dry fully before wearing. 

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? 

Looking for more ways to celebrate? Here are some great recipes to check out! 

Irish Soda Bread Biscuits

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Budget Friendly Back To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program


This post featuring budget friendly back to school fashion and the thredUP Raise A Hand For Teachers program is sponsored by thredUP.

Budget Friendly Back To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program

This gorgeous girl will be heading to Pre-K in the fall at her brother’s school and boy is she excited. Going from an in-home setting to a school campus will be a big change but I’m not worried. Cause this girl exhudes confidence. Sometimes a little too much. But she’s also very excited to make new friends AND get to pick out new clothes just for a new school year.

Oh is she going to be disappointed in another year when she realizes she has to wear a uniform.

But until then, this fashionista leads me to thredUP to check out their latest collection of Tea, Gymboree, and Hanna Andersson (some of her favorites) or GapKids and Mini Boden.  She has prerequisites for what she’ll consider in her wardrobe: twirlability, is it pink or purple, and is it cute? Luckily with her peering over my shoulder as I shop, I’m able to meet most of them without even trying the clothes on! And at an awesome price.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESBack To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program - jumping for joy

Raise A Hand For Teachers Program

In addition to having awesome clothes at a great discount for back to school shopping, has partnered with to recognize and thank teachers for their hard work and the positive impact they make each day on our children’s lives.

Teachers are extremely generous with their time as well as their money. According to, teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money each year to equip their classrooms. 70% of teachers have even purchased apparel items like jackets, socks and shoes for their students. Read the inspiring nominations already made and watch an adorable video of kids thanking teachers, plus nominate your own child’s teacher by visiting

I’ve decided to nominate my son’s Kindergarten teacher from last year. And it’s easy. 

  1. Head here
  2. Click the Nominate Now button
  3. Submit your nomination

The nomination runs through August 23. Three teachers each win $2,500 for classroom supplies and $500 to thredUP. 50 runner-up winners receive $100 to thredUP. And stay tuned! Winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 8 (following Labor Day weekend).

Back To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program - twirling lilac

Big sister isn’t the only one who gets to look cute for back to school. We even found some outfits that met the little one’s requirements too. But her’s were simple. She just wants to be comfortable. And how adorable is this Tea dress? Confession: we had this exact same one for Molly in a 2T when she was younger and it was one of my favorites. Luckily we got this in a size that’ll last her quite a while.

And of course she had to try on some cool shades when I dressed her in a Hanna Andersson dress that screamed summertime. I love their clothes and their sizing because they never last just one season. And since San Diego doesn’t really have seasons, she can wear it until it doesn’t fit in a year.

Back To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program - pretty in pinkBack To School Fashion + Raise A Hand For Teachers Program - fun in the sun

Will you raise a hand for teachers and nominate your favorite?

Winter Play Dates in San Diego with Gymboree

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Winter Play Dates in San Diego with Gymboree 

One thing I’ve come to learn early on as a parent is the importance of play dates. And play dates in San Diego can be quite fun and exciting year round. From our great weather, to our amazing kid-friendly places all around town, San Diego is the place to be when you’re a kid.

Our favorite spot to be lately has been the San Diego Zoo. Not only is it a great place to explore, it’s also a fun and educational way to teach our kids about the many species of animals on this planet of ours.

Plus the fact that the zoo is right next to Balboa Park means we can enjoy a fun morning at the zoo then make our way to the museums (after snagging a bite to eat) in the afternoon! [Read more…]

Finding the Perfect Playtime Outfits with Gymboree Eric Carle Clothing Collection

We received pieces from the Gymboree Eric Carle clothing collection for review purposes. This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

Finding the Perfect Playtime Outfits with Gymboree Eric Carle Clothing Collection

With my son starting Kindergarten and wearing a uniform, I needed good options for playtime outfits for him to choose from when he gets home. I don’t want his uniforms to become all stained and tattered with his play after school.

So, like always, I turned to Gymboree for quality clothing I can trust to stand up to my crazy kids. And the new Gymboree Eric Carle clothing collection is right up our alley. 

Finding the Perfect Playtime Outfits with Gymboree Eric Carle Clothing Collection - going down the slide

The beautiful lightweight clothing is both breathable and moves easily allowing my kids to run, jump and play all afternoon.

Since moving to our new house we haven’t had much time to play in our backyard. We just recently finished putting up our play structure after my husband refinished it.

The kids have been dying for the day it was back up for them to play on and now they can play for hours and hours outside.

Finding the Perfect Playtime Outfits with Gymboree Eric Carle Clothing Collection - standing on slide

With the bright and colorful Eric Carle prints, the kids were inspired to act out a few of their favorite Eric Carle illustrated books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear and The Hungry Caterpillar.

So they started to use their imagination and created a fun game around the stories. With just a little bit of encouragement from their new outfits they were off exploring the yard finding the different animals in Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

How fun is that?

Finding the Perfect Playtime Outfits with Gymboree Eric Carle Clothing Collection - swinging

Gymboree has an amazing selection of great quality kids clothing for any occasion.

Whether you’re updating your child’s wardrobe or finding the perfect outfit for an upcoming celebration, you can find exactly what you need at Gymboree. And the clothes are durable and wash well.

You can find adorable outfits like the ones my children are wearing in the pool on Gymboree’s website or in stores nationwide.You can also find Gymboree on Facebook and follow them on twitter at @Gymboree.

What’s your favorite Eric Carle book?

Walking Around Town with Reebok Skyscape

I received a Kohl’s gift card to purchase a pair of Reebok Skyscape shoes in order to facilitate this review and all opinions are my own.

Walking off the Pounds with Reebok Skyscape

As a mom I walk. A lot! Every day I take my kids to and from school. And every day they ask to take the car. Since school is less than 1/2 a mile away we walk it even through their protests.

I actually look forward to taking my kids to school because we can walk there. I get time in the morning to connect with them and talk about their day (or whatever they want to talk about) before dropping them off. Then I get to relax and walk the neighborhood afterward before heading home to start working – or going out to run errands.

Whether I’m dropping off the kids at preschool, to running errands, to doing house and yard work. I’m on my feet all the time and need a great pair of shoes to get me through my days.

[Read more…]

Creating Mother’s Day Memories with my Daughter {Matilda Jane It’s a Wonderful Parade}

Mothers Day with Matilda Jane It's a Wonderful Parade 1

Ever since the day I found out I was having a daughter my mind has raced with all of what I wanted our relationship to be like. Getting our nails done together, going out for lunch, chatting as we walk together. The joy my daughter has brought me since she’s graced us with her presence has amazed and inspired me.

When I was asked to show off a few pieces from the latest Matilda Jane It’s A Wonderful Parade collection, I couldn’t help but get excited about a special photo shoot with my favorite girl. Not only would it allow us some time to “get pretty together” – in my daughter’s words – but it would also give me some great shots to cherish forever.

The relationship I’m building with my daughter is one-of-a-kind and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! A special thanks to Carrie of For the Love of Photography for capturing these gorgeous photos of me and my daughter. [Read more…]

Cherishing the Small Moments in Everyday Life

This is post is sponsored on behalf of Gymboree. All thoughts and experiences are my own.

Cherishing Small Moments in Everyday Life

Family means a lot to me. Any time there’s a chance we can get together with our family I try to clear my schedule so we can enjoy a little family time. Whether it’s a holiday (major or minor) or an ordinary day – it doesn’t matter.

Cherishing the small moments in everyday life as well as the big moments with the ones we love allows us to enjoy the time we have together. We recently got together for an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday after attending mass and the kids had a blast.

Not only were they able to play with their cousin but they also got some time to enjoy their great aunts and grandma.

Cherishing the Small Moments by spending time with Great Aunts

I absolutely love to get behind the camera to capture these small moments we enjoy together but lately I’ve tried to step back and truly enjoy being in the moment and not simply photographing it.

After a few shots as the kids hunted for plastic eggs, I put down the camera and enjoyed the conversation and the food we shared.

We are so lucky to have so much family around us. And not only is our family close, they love spending time with our kids. These small moments we get with one another are ones I hope my kids remember fondly.

Cherishing the Small Moments while enjoying a homemade cinnamon roll

These bonds that the kids are forming with our extended family will last their whole lives. And hopefully the relationships their building with these family members helps give them a whole slew of people to choose from should they ever need to chat.

My daughter feels just as comfortable with one of her great aunts and aunts as she does her grandmas or myself. She has a handful of women to turn to should she want to learn how to sew, or bake cookies, welding jewelry or learn about human anatomy. Talk about a wealth of knowledge!

And my son has many uncles and grandfathers to observe and watch while learning and exploring the world. It definitely alleviates the pressure I feel as a parent to teach them everything I can.

Cherishing the Small Moments with Grandma telling a story

Spending time with family is a very important priority in my life. Sharing the importance of family with my kids is something I’ll continue to do as we cherish the small moments and celebrate the big ones… together.

How do you cherish the small moments?

Thanks to Gymboree we can cherish these small moments in adorable, fashionable clothing that matches every season and is perfect for celebrating every holiday.

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The Ultimate Girls Night Out: Celebrating My 30th in Style

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The Ultimate Girls Night Out - Celebrating my 30th

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Ergobaby 360 Carrier featured at Baby Bloggy Boot Camp

I recently checked out the new Ergobaby 360 carrier at Baby Bloggy Boot Camp. This post is written by me on behalf of Liz Lange and Ergobaby. Product was provided.

Ergobaby 360 Carrier featured at Baby Bloggy Bootcamp

Two things I absolutely love are babywearing and blogging. So when these two came together at Baby Bloggy Boot Camp hosted by the SITS Girls I knew I wanted to attend. Since I was already attending Women Get Social, coming in a few hours early wouldn’t be a big deal. Plus I got a sneak peek at the new Ergo 360 baby carrier and some other amazing products.

Baby Bloggy Boot Camp (#BabyBBC) was an informative mini blog conference that featured sessions on creating compelling content for moms, sponsored content tips and authentic story-telling. Each session was lead by bloggers in-the-know about what brands want and what readers want to see.

And in those 3 hours I learned a lot about how I can improve my own brand (this blog) and really deliver what my readers want to see. I’ve already seen an amazing change in how I view my blog and how I approach each and every post I share. [Read more…]

How to Dress Up Jeans From Everyday Wear to Business Casual

product post disclaimer.jpg


I love a good pair of jeans. When you find one that works for your body everything falls into place. And I love that when I find a  good pair, I can dress up jeans from casual to a more classy look when I need it.

As a busy mom I need easy to throw together outfits. Whether I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt to walk the kids to school, or I get a little more adult and throw on a blouse and jacket, I want to feel good.

Luckily my new Lee jeans make me look and feel good! Even when I had to go from mommy mode to business woman mode at a recent conference I attended.  [Read more…]

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